Docile Bodies (2020), A Subtle Coercion (2020), Mea Culpa (2020), Little Ease (2020)

Short-Circuit Control is a lens based performance art series, consisting of five short moving image pieces that explore predominantly Foucauldian theories on power and societal control. The title and concept were found within an interview with Genesis P. Orridge, who recalls a conversation they once had with author William Burroughs, who says to P. Orridge “Your job is to Short-Circuit Control”. This series aims to document the process of the subtle control that permeates society; from the surveillance of citizens,

which stifles individuality, and makes happen docility and conforming behaviour, that leads to self governance and self discipline.

The series of videos are experimental in their nature, as they make use of differing video styles and techniques to relate to their concept.

The series seeks to bring you closer to understanding what Burroughs may have meant by “Short-Circuit Control”, through a

conceptual and theory based approach. Once we understand how we are controlled, we can begin the journey of dismantling this